Services Provided by InnerDrive Strategies Inc.
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InnerDrive Strategies, Inc.
 provides select clients full service mystery shopping solutions, including:

  • On-site audits
  • Telephone mystery shops
  • Video shops
  • Bilingual shoppers
  • Competitive price shopping
  • Customer service training
  • On-line reporting
  • Quarterly reviews with your management team
  • Customimzed service training videos

Culture Specific Shoppers

InnerDrive Strategies is dedicated to providing our clients with shoppers who represent their target market.

You will have shoppers...
  • who will engage your employees in their language.
  • who will be familiar with your products.
  • who will be culturally familiar with your staff.
  • who reflect your target market.

Convenient Access to Online Reports 24/7
  • InnerDrive Strategies uses  reporting system.
  • Each store manager will have access to their store's evaluations anytime, day or night.
  • Employee-centric scoring available!
    • Employees can be linked to questions or to an entire section of the survey.
  • Conduct trend analysis to identify and correct long-term customer service deficiencies.
  • Generate graphs for internal presentations.

Quarterly Reviews
  • We will meet your managers on a quarterly basis to review the results of the mystery shopper program.
    At this meeting we will…
    • Identify store wide positive and negative trends
    • Identify what departments are over performing or under performing
    • Identify those employees who are providing consistently good /poor customer service.
    • Discuss any changes that should be made to the survey
    • Discuss customer service training needs